The wing shooting in Bulgaria is an adventure worth trying

The hunting tradition in Bulgaria has been set for centuries, and this activity is nowhere near the decline even in the modern times when people spend more and more time in front of the computer. In the recent decades, the visitors from abroad come mostly to chase the wild boar or the red deer – in fact, these are the species the local gunmen are also after.

The wing shooting in Bulgaria occurs to be less popular even if the country is rich of areas and opportunities to shoot birds in the air. It hasn’t always been like that. For example, the last tzar of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom, Boris III, has been a passionate hunter and loved to go after capercaillies. The monarch had numerous followers, and the small game has been a trendy thing back in the 1920s and 1930s. But it is definitely not out of fashion nowadays.

The plains are preferred for wing shooting in Bulgaria

And not only there – the highlands are more laborious to endure for days, while the chase in the fields and lowland forest looks easier to achieve by the most of the people who love to spend their holidays shooting after wild animals. The variety of the small game in Bulgaria grants a promise for an adventure worth trying. The Danubian Plain in the north of the country and the Upper Thracian Plain south of the Balkan Mountains host more than a dozen reserves providing with the opportunity of a successful wing hunting in Bulgaria. The wild ducks, pheasants, and quails can be found in the fields, but the score will be somewhat more significant if the landscape is of the mixed type.

The mountain has better places to hide

The riflemen looking for more challenging experience would prefer the wing shooting in Bulgaria at a higher altitude. The hills are harder to conquer, but the forest inside the mountain provide with a much more sophisticated cover too. There are species occupying the hills like the rock partridge or the capercaillie which was already mentioned. Boris III, as a matter of fact, preferred to hide in the high woods rather than in the lowlands. The catch anyway might be higher in numbers in the plains but both types of holidays worth the experience.