Keeping your upholstered furniture clean is an important household assignment that you should do to preserve the good look of your home.  Moreover, doing this you will be able to prolong the life of the fabrics as well as the life of the furniture.

It does not matter whether you intend cleaning your sofa, couch or favourite fabric chair, because all of these pieces of furniture can be maintained by following a few simple steps. So, to цlean how to keep your upholstered furniture clean, our London sofa cleaning experts will give you a few easy tips to follow.

Our List Of Professional Sofa Cleaning Tips

1. Begin by removing the cushions, if there are any. Then remove the dirt with a special dusting brush with a vacuum attachment to get rid of the collected dust.

2. You need to vacuum the different parts of the furniture including the back, sides, skirt, arms and the area under the cushions.

3. You can either wash the cushions or vacuum them thoroughly. For instance, some cushions cannot be washed in the washing machine. Therefore you have to bring them to a dry cleaner. However, for the regular maintenance of the cushions, your vacuum cleaner will be everything you need.

4. Replace the cushions and make a solution of ¼ cup of dish-washing liquid or some laundry detergent and 1 cup of warm water. Mix well until the solution start looking like cream.

5. Then you have to test the cleaner on some hidden area of the furniture first. If you do not notice any fading or damages, apply the cleaner to the entire surface of your couch. Then start rubbing with a scraper to remove the dirt. Rinse well with a clean damp cloth.

6. Let it dry overnight. Our professionals recommend using an electronic fan for the purpose. So, read the following tips to learn how to keep your upholstered furniture clean!

If all methods and techniques don’t work for you, then your last resort is then a cleaning firm that can handle it for you. If the company is enough trust worthy, like its cleaners will come with the proper cleaning tools and equipment and get rid you from any odour. Do not mistake them with janitorial or maid services, a firm for cleaning services would hire not only people to be cleaners, but also skilled and well educated technicians on textile fabrics and operating with complex commercial cleaning machines.