Airport transfer Bourgas Sunny Beach for your summer holiday

Imagine arriving at your destination country and then what? You just wait at the airport for a bus or a taxi with all your luggage and the kids running around? That sounds like a horror movie. If you don’t want to participate in it, this article will help you to find out some useful information about airport transfer Bourgas Sunny Beach for your summer holiday.

Especially when traveling with your kids, you can not allow using public transport because it will be a crazy journey for you. The distance from Bourgas to Sunny Beach is around half an hour to 40 minutes. And if the kids are curious and naughty, it will be a horror story for you. This is why I have a proposal for you. Using an airport transfer Bourgas Sunny Beach is the perfect option. And I will tell you why.

1. Less stress – You go out of the airport and you know that the driver waits for you there. There is no need of waiting in queues for bus tickets or calling a taxi. Also, the driver will help you with the luggage, so all you have to do is to sit down and relax.

2. Inexpensive – If you are a family or a group, the transfer will cost you almost nothing because Transfer Bulgaria Group’s service for transfers is not expensive at all. For example, you can go from Bourgas to Sunny Beach for 26 euros, which is absolutely nothing.

3. Secure and reliable transport – You can not disagree with me that this is the most secure and reliable option to choose from. We all know that traveling on a bus surrounded by many unknown people leads to stressing out. This is why it is not preferable, especially when you are with your family.

If that was enough for you to understand that the transfer is a really good service that has a lot of benefits, go to and take a look at the vehicles they offer you. Choose the most appropriate one for you and pre-book your transfer. Book your transfer Bourgas Sunny Beach at their website by sending an application or do it by directly calling them at +359 878-858-974 +44 20 8123 1485. They work 24/7, so do not worry about the time zone. You can also get in touch with them by email, Viber, or Whatsapp.

Bourgas airport to Sunny Beach transfers

Airport transfer Bourgas Sunny Beach for your summer holiday by Transfer Bulgaria Group can be done even if you are a big group because the company has also minibusses and buses which can take you all. Enjoy the free services such as meeting you with a name board in the arrival hall, child seats if needed, and rescheduling of the transfer. Take a break while traveling to your destination in the cool cabin while outside the weather is hot and start your holiday with a smile.